Company Profile

With about half a century of manufacturing experience under our belt, Hong Kong Shenghui Industry Co., Limited has the know-how and resources to continue transforming ideas from ourselves or our distributors into simple to use household products that not only offer consumers convenience and comfort at affordable prices but also safety and dependability.

Our DIY suction cup products were built on our own patented “warning against falling” technology in 2004 upon which 6 lines of household accessories made of grade 1 plastics, sprayed, chromed and stainless steel wires had been gradually developed to meet the demands from different market segments.

In order to further diversify our products, we took a lot of pain to develop household accessories using adhesives instead of suction cups. In 2012, we used the DIY removable adhesive tape technology originated by 3M so that our bathroom and kitchen accessories could be used on porous and unsmooth surfaces.


We have seen hundreds of factories come and disappear in China during the past few decades. The reasons we can stay in the manufacturing business for so long in China are:

[1] We are constantly on the look out for new ideas and products.
[2] On-time delivery.
[3] Never trade quality with prices.
[4] Never promise something we cannot deliver.